Old arcade games vs New Arcade games


Arcade games are a genre of video games that are fast-paced games for one’s PC or Console that require good hand-eye coordination to play.

Arcade is a genre that is often confused with gaming arcades (that were ‘the’ hip thing of the 90s). Arcade as a genre is famous for simplicity: in terms of presentation, gameplay atmospheres, and rules. Arcade games commonly evolve through exertion rather than the introduction of complications through new controls, new characters, or new mechanics. The most common and widely known arcade games are Sonic, Super Mario, Galaxian, and Pac-man among others.

Probably the fascinating modification in the video gaming industry is how the demographics have expanded. With more individuals playing games, creating demand for enticing entertainment, and in search for simple ways to access games, the future of the video gaming industry seems positive and bright. With these modifications and advancements in gaming, we have seen our favorite arcade classic evolve. Be it Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Donkey Kong, or Pacman, all the cult classics have embraced these advancements from game development houses.

What has changed in the world of arcade games?

While graphic designers create only designs with the help of software such as Flash(Animate), Photoshop, or Illustrator, the game designers not just design but do coding as well. Game designer’s job is also to plan a gaming experience other than aesthetics, and for that, they need to work on gaming engines such as Unity. In the evolution of our ever-favorite arcade games, both graphic and game designers have had a massive role to play.

Early PC developers were hardly concerned about graphics. It was easier to draw a plot and develop a game, put together something simple, or sidestep the thorny issue by developing yet another gaming adventure. The PC was at that time principally a work machine, and it took years before that idea was changed.

Games in our era have the most spectacular graphic designs. They almost feel real, and that makes the players feel as if they are a part of something. Our era even has 3D AR and VR games with a computer technology that takes a person somewhere else far from the real world.

The graphic is just one of so many evolution made on arcade games. Another main feature is music. But how does Music affect video games?

Well, sound effects or music enhance the gaming experience. Although it depends on every gamer how they want to play, studies have shown that players with sound effects turned on score more points than the ones who turn the music off. Music provides gamers with rich auditory cues for access points, feedback for right moves like successful attacks on enemies, and also functions as warnings.

During the early 1980s, Arcade games had a chiefly strong influence on pop and electro music. But now soundtracks are made that accompany video games. The gaming soundtrack style is known as chiptunes, which has simple melodic with intricate or traditional music patterns that make the gamer indulge in the game.

Graphics and awesome soundtracks coupled with improved storylines and almost a paradigm shift in gameplay have all led to a resurgence of arcade games. People have started playing and reliving them again and some of our favorite classics getting remastered are what takes the older generation through a much-needed nostalgia while the young generation gets to enjoy some of the finest games ever produced.

Style, Music, and graphics evolve with time and work period appropriately. There will be more changes and developments that developers find impossible to create right now but will eventually happen one day.

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